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4 Ways to Make Your Roof Last Longer by Shawn Brady

Roofs are expensive investments, and typically last 15-20 years before needing to be replaced. When an average roof costs around $19,000-$20,000, it's important that you know how to take care of it so you can make it last as long as possible. Get help from roofing companies like A B C Roofers to learn how to properly care for your roof, and keep an eye on your roof after storms or harsh weather to spot problems before they become too large.
Do an Annual Inspection
One of the best ways to prevent problems from developing with your roof is to perform thorough, regular inspections€"at least once a year. Get up onto your roof and check the flashing, shingles, and gutters to make sure there are no leaks, rust, or other problems. Then go inside your house to check for leaks or water spots in your attic that might indicate a problem with your roof. Fix any problems right away to keep them from costing you big bucks on a new roof.
Get Rid of Moss and Algae
Moss and algae tend to naturally grow on shingles, especially if you live in a moist, rainy climate. A little bit of algae won't hurt your roof, but large areas of moss can trap water and soak through your roof to leak into your home below. You can usually sweep moss off with a broom or kill it with a commercial treatment. If you notice recurring mold or moss, the damage may be under the surface and you may need more extensive repairs to the deeper levels of your roof.
Repair Damaged Shingles and Flashing
Shingles and flashing get damaged easily from harsh weather, animals, and blowing debris. However, they are relatively easy to repair or replace yourself with a trip to the hardware store. Bent shingles or flashing can usually be hammered back into place. However, any areas that have mold or rust on them should be replaced to protect the rest of your roof.
Keep the Gutters Clean
Your gutters play an important part in protecting your roof by channeling water away from your home. However, they can easily become clogged by leaves, snow, and other debris, putting your roof at risk. Install gutter guards or clear out your gutters by hand to keep them working smoothly. It's also important to check them regularly for leaks, which could lead to water damage in your home and foundation. Call a company like A B C Roofers to repair any damaged sections you find, or you can patch up the area yourself with an inexpensive repair kit if the damage isn't too serious.

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